Last week I mentioned that one of the insights into leadership given to me by Holy Spirit was the concept of leading from our own identity. I then shared five of my leadership principles.

I also believe there is safety (and insight and wisdom and understanding) in the multitude of counselors. Thus, another insight into leadership comes from a manager at one of my previous assignments.

I am a natural introvert and my management style at the time was more goal-oriented, but Michele would remind me over and over, “It’s about the people.” I soon learned that being an introvert and caring about goals did not mean that I could not make valuing people an even higher priority.

What follows are some of the people principles I’ve developed that help me to influence people to good outcomes and to motivate them to give their best.

1. Involve the People

  • John Maxwell says people support only the change they help to create. In one of my HR roles, an internal client once told me, “Do HR for me. Don’t do HR to me”. Getting people involved in that which impacts them helps garner genuine support.

2. Celebrate the People

  • We all want to be where we are celebrated, not where we are just tolerated. Recognizing people for excellence only produces more excellence.

3. Be Among the People

  • Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: People only follow leaders they trust, they trust only leaders they know, and trust comes out of relationship. (Read more on this topic here!)

4. Create Work-Life Balance for the People… Even at Work

  • We work to live—we don’t live to work. It’s OK to be intentional about having fun at work. Float Fridays anyone?

5. Empower the People to Do Good

  • This is not a typo. I didn’t leave out a word, as in “empower the people to do good work.” This principle is about empowering people to do good. Set an expectation (and reinforce it by visibly rewarding the appropriate behaviors) that people on your team will treat one another with love, honor and respect.

As you live and lead from your own identity, what are your people principles?

Greg Wallace is the Chief Operating Officer for HRock Church in Pasadena, Calif. He loves teaching and helping others pursue their life’s passion. He is passionate about developing leaders, building organizations and helping people and groups thrive in the midst of change.