There’s a saying, “You won’t know who you are until you know whose you are”… or in modern parlance, “Who’s your Daddy?”

Around the world in most cultures, people identify each other primarily by the family or tribe to whom they belong. In other words, your identity is handed to you when you are born. Our Western, individualistic pursuit of “discovering myself” is a very modern phenomenon (in fact, all we have done is abandon our blood family in place of a tribe defined by our tastes, preferences and recreational activities: e.g. “I’m an Apple fan,” “I’m a Laker’s fan through thick or thin,” “I’m a surfer,” etc.).

In my last post I shared how I came to a revelation of the invitation we have all been given to call God “Abba, Father.” In this post I want to continue looking at how that revelation impacts our identity.

As a Christian, I have an identity that goes beyond myself. I am who I am because “I AM” is my Dad! I do not have to experience an identity crisis. My identity has been given to me—freely, yet at a great cost. Not only am I now “in Christ,” but by virtue of being “in Christ” I am now adopted into a family as a son whose Father is God Himself. I have become a son by adoption (Eph. 1:5) to a Dad who created the Universe! The late Jack Frost wrote, “Jesus was the man that He was because of the Father He had."

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There is a famous photo of the young John F. Kennedy Jr. playing happily under the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office of the White House, whilst his father goes about his business. His father was the President of the United States of America—arguably the most powerful position on the planet—but John Jr. got to call him “Dad.”

So it is with us. As Christians we have now been adopted as sons (and daughters) by the most powerful and loving father that has or ever will exist: God Himself.

Jesus Himself declared to His disciples, “I will not leave you as orphans” (John 14:18). He promises to send the Holy Spirit to them. Paul later describes the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of adoption (Rom. 8:15). What music to the ears of orphans!

Paul’s use of the metaphor of adoption is so rich. Despite his Jewish heritage, Paul was a Roman citizen, and it is to this Roman process of adoption that he appeals in order for us to understand this great truth of our new identity. Once the process of adoption was completed, the adopted child had full legal rights as an heir to the adopting father in his or her new family. An adopted child was not a second-class child!

Today, do you know who you belong to? Do you know whose you are? Do you know who you are?

Jesus invites you to come to Him so that He can bring you to a perfect Father who has determined for all time to adopt you as His son or daughter. How will you respond?


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Matt Dunn is an Associate Pastor at HRock Church and has a passion to see people discipled, healed up and equipped—ready to fulfill God’s purposes in their lives. He oversees the discipleship classes and small group network at HRock, as well as heading up our Guest Services team and being involved in the Sozo ministry.