Children of God are born to walk in the favor of their heavenly Father. I believe that for too long, the Church has not taken hold of her authentic identity as blessed and highly favored (Luke 1:28). My dear friend, Patricia King is a woman on the frontlines of Christian ministry who knows her identity as a daughter of the King of Kings and as the light of the world (Matthew 5:14) and imparts such identity to others. She boldly evangelizes, speaks with great authority and advances the Kingdom of God in this nation and in the nations of the world. This week we have the blessing of having Patricia as a guest blogger, sharing her insights about the favor of the Lord. Be inspired as you receive the blessing of God through the words of this powerful minister of the Gospel.  – Ché Ahn 


the favor of the lord


For it is You who blesses the righteous man, O LORD,

You surround him with favor as with a shield

(Psalm 5:12).

I am sure you have experienced both rejection and favor in your life and am confident I can predict which of these two you like better.   You were created to experience favor and that is why rejection is something you naturally attempt to get rid of if it tries to affect your life.

Favor has many benefits. Favor opens doors of opportunities for you. Favor can deliver you from isolation and favor attracts many blessings to you.  In fact, favor is like a blessing magnet and it is one of God’s wonderful gifts freely given to you. He wants you to experience His favor!

Ponder how it might manifest in your life. Imagine yourself walking in absolute favor. For example, you go to work and your co-laborers and supervisors are happy to see you. They constantly ask for advice and input because they respect and honor you. The CEO calls you into his/her office and congratulates you on your contribution to the company and in turn offers you an unexpected promotion and a generous raise.

When you check in for a flight, you are immediately upgraded.  When you stand in a long check-out line at your local grocery store, a clerk calls over to you and opens up their cash register to accommodate you. The government sends you a letter explaining that they were called to review your taxes over the last seven years and discovered that they owe you money. Included in the letter is a check for thousands of dollars in adjusted taxes. Your relatives adore you and seek your favor. You are dreaming about a certain item you would like and unexpectedly someone approaches you with a gift – the very item you were dreaming about. You are blessed with many friends, opportunities, gifts, and blessings because favor has filled your life.

These are only some examples of how favor can bless you. This glorious favor is both God’s desire for you and His gift to you.  Jesus walked in perfect favor and He has given this favor to everyone who receives Him. It is undeserved, unmerited favor and it has your name on it!

When you focus on His blessing of favor you will empower it in your life. You are highly favored in God’s eyes and through faith in His “favor promises” you can live in the fullness of them and experience them every day. With intentionality, daily receive God’s blessing of favor by faith and watch it manifest in your life.

lay hold of your identity


This week I had the privilege of speaking on this very topic at the Global Summit Conference at HRock Church. I pray that you as a church will rise up and lay hold of supernatural favor so that you may shine brightly before others. When the Body of Christ will confidently walk in our identities as sons and daughters freely blessed with the resources of our Father, we will be further empowered to bring the Gospel to a world dying for spiritual truth. Meditate on these truths this week and be expectant for transformation in your life that will ultimately bless those around you.

Go Deeper

This year’s Annual HIM Conference, Global Summit, was truly a spectacular and mighty time. Speakers, leaders, and everyone in attendance was powerfully impacted with the move of the Holy Spirit across the earth and in our midst. There was something very significant that took place this past week, as we celebrated 20 years of Harvest International Ministry (HIM).  This is definitely the kind of gathering that you want to receive from more than once. The HIM Global Summit is available through HROCK.TV, if there is anything you missed, or simply want to see again. We are aligning ourselves with what God is saying and doing: the time is now, the harvest is ripe, and the laborers must get ready!


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