When traveling with the Lord, I have learned to expect the unexpected!

My recent trip to Australia started out with a series of unexpected events that ended up turning into a divine appointment, which I’d like to share with you here:

It was a Saturday evening, and I was about to embark on a red-eye flight to Sydney and then make my way to Brisbane. I saw the other passengers around me settling in to their seats, some with their pillows, pajamas, slippers and even a teddybear. Everyone was getting ready for the long haul, since our flight was going to be about 15 hours.

Soon enough we learned that the plane had mechanical problems, and the airline was trying to resolve the issue as we sat by the gate for about an hour and a half.

After two hours of waiting, we finally heard them make the announcement in apology that they couldn’t fix the mechanical problems and therefore legally couldn’t take the plane into the air. So everyone had to leave the plane, talk with the agents and be put into hotels for the night, as they were ordering a special plane to come in the next day.

I went to go see an agent to get a boarding pass for the next night’s flight, and as I was standing in line I was absolutely amazed at the attitude of the other flyers: The agents had essentially become the punching bag for all the complaints coming in from the groggy and iritated customers, even though they weren’t even the cause of the problem. (Personally I was thankful not to be flying on a plane with mechanical problems. I thank God I was kept safe!)

Meanwhile, people were cussing, yelling and trying to butt in line. By the time I got to my agent, she was almost in tears. So I decided to make a statement. I told her, “I’m a global service flyer, and this is the first time I’ve ever been on an international United flight that ever got cancelled. So I want to thank you.”

She looked up at me with a face of astonishment and said, “Thank you so much for that word of encouragement!”

I have learned that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% your attitude. And in the midst of testing and trial, our character is revealed. I deliberately wanted to pass the test that came my way and be thankful no matter what was going on.


hunger for him

Even though it was the middle of the night, a friend of mine was graciously able to give me a ride home. By now it was about 3 AM, and I had missed dinner because I was expecting to eat on my flight to Australia.

Now I was really hungry, so I asked Sue what would still be open at 3 AM, and she mentioned a fastfood restaurant where I’d typically never go. But in my desperation and hunger I ended up going there to get a burger!

As I stepped inside, the place was completely empty except for a 16-year-old boy who was working the graveyard shift. In that moment I felt the Holy Spirit say, “This is a divine appointment.”

So after I ordered, I started asking him questions about his spirituality and if he had any spiritual encounters before. He told me when he was 12 years old he got into a situation where he was in big trouble (he didn’t tell me what the problem was).

He recalled, “I went to my bedroom and cried to God to get me out of my trouble. And He got me out. So I know there’s a God out there.”

I naturally followed up with the question: “Can I tell you more about this God?”

He said yes, so I shared my testimony with him—how I was a drug addict, drug pusher and a high school dropout, but Jesus changed my life forever! I then asked him if he’d like to accept Jesus Christ, and he gave his life to the Lord right then and there!

I thought to myself, “If I missed my flight just to lead this kid to the Lord, it was all worth it!” God is so good! And He works all things for the good of those who love Him (Rom. 8:28). If you are walking in integrity and following His voice, the Lord will order your steps!


With Love,


Ché Ahn and his wife, Sue, are the Founding Pastors of HRock Church in Pasadena, California. Ché serves as the Founder and President of Harvest International Ministry (HIM) and the International Chancellor of Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI). With a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, he has played a key role in many strategic outreaches on local, national and international levels. He has written more than a dozen books and travels extensively throughout the world, bringing apostolic insight with an impartation of renewal, healing and evangelism.