Fruits and Veggies for France and Bulgaria

On Sunday, Oct. 18, we had an impressive show of support from our amazing church at the City Rock Farmer’s Market, which was held to raise funds for the missions trip to Bulgaria and the South of France. Seven City Rockers joined Pastors Gabe and Monica Ahn to go minister to prisoners, children and refugees from Oct. 22 to Nov. 2.


The Farmer’s Market not only sold organic fruits and vegetables—straight from people’s gardens—but it also had some of the most delicious baked goods and homemade sauces, treats and even fresh, all-natural almond milk (more on that later). Our very own church family donated all of the foods that were on sale to benefit the missions trip. As a church of generosity, we raised $3,800 through the Farmer’s Market to support the missions trip and help the organizations we are partnering with!


Among the beautiful display and spread of fresh goods were two crowd favorites, the Homemade Pumpkin Butter and the Fresh Salsa. These goodies were homemade in the very same home! Mother-and-daughter team Lynette and Lauren Marcia are City Rock Leaders who just so happen to also be going on the missions trip.

How do you use this amazing salsa? Lynette said she loves to stir the salsa into scrambled eggs right at the end of cooking, before you take them out of the pan. And the Pumpkin Butter? Spread it on a toasted bagel or stir it in your oatmeal. Nom nom.


Lynette and Lauren not only shared some great tips for cooking with the Pumpkin Butter and Salsa, but they also shared with us their desire for demonstrating family and what a healthy mother-daughter relationship looks like and being able to bring that to the church.


Mama Lynette, as she is called by just about everyone, said, “I don’t even see what we do as ministry. It’s natural and the way I feel God created it to be. It’s just how we do life. We get to process together, grow together and challenge each other. It’s really amazing.” Lauren simply put it, “Being able to run with my mom and serve God together is really awesome.” I agree.

Lauren and Lynette Marcia also work at HRock SSM together as Family Group Leaders. Lynette is currently teaching a series on the Song of Songs, from the Passion Translation.


Monica Ahn