What does “revival” look like to you?

Revival is meeting the one who is The One, Jesus!

Revival looks like healing; food multiplication; great compassion, mercy, kindness and long-suffering; willingness to suffer if necessary; joy inexpressible and full of glory; abundant food; and housing for every child God brings us. Revival looks like loving the poor, being with family, and stopping for the one. It looks like fruitfulness flowing from the place of intimacy. It looks like blind eyes opening, deaf ears hearing, and the lame walking. Revival looks like the love of Jesus released through people.

Revival is not all about signs and wonders; it is also about simple, everyday acts of kindness. Revival is being fully possessed by the Holy Spirit, totally yielded and willing to lay everything down for the sake of love. It is living in the manifest presence of God and carrying His glory and presence to a world starving for a Perfect Savior.


How can we learn from past revivals?

Learning about revival starts with reading the Bible, and then with hearing and absorbing every testimony we possibly can about revivals since the great days of the early church.

We should be voraciously hungry to partake of everything that has been poured out by God in every revival, not leaving behind anything but continually adding to our knowledge and experience. We learn from previous mistakes and poor vision, for if we do not know our history we will likely repeat those errors. We should be avid students of revival, holding onto what is good and praise-worthy, but also pressing on to what lies ahead, hungry for what has not yet been experienced. We should identify the spiritual gaps in previous revivals, and seek God with all our hearts for an increasingly satisfying life in Him.


We should maintain a fiery expectation of even more glorious love, peace and joy manifested in ever more powerful and thrilling ways.


join us for the revival alliance conference

Heidi will be speaking at the 2017 Revival Alliance Conference, April 18-21, along with other world-changers and revivalists including Bill Johnson, Ché Ahn, Georgian and Winnie Banov, Randy Clark, Shawn Bolz, Patricia King, and more. This will be the LAST Revival Alliance Conference on the west coast, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to be inspired and encounter God with us!

Heidi Baker and her husband Rolland Baker are the founders of Iris Global, and have been missionaries for more than 30 years. Since moving to Mozambique in 1995 to begin ministry with street children, they have seen a people movement across ten provinces, with signs and wonders following. They preach the simple and pure gospel of devotion to God, allowing nothing to detract from the power of the Cross, and always bearing fruit in every good work.