God said, “It is not good that man be alone.” – Genesis 2:18

When a couple gets married, the newlyweds have to adapt to a lot of new things in life. Sometimes a change in the way they communicate (or even the way they clean after themselves) can prove challenging. But one of the most difficult adjustments in marriage after the wedding day is related to selfishness.

While dating, we focus outward to please our soon-to-be mate. Once married, we tend to be inward, trying to get our needs met from one another.

However strong that tendency may be, we must shift our focus to God to meet our needs. Only He is our Provider. When we move our attention off ourselves and look to Him, He fills us up, making us complete. We are then able to give away love and serve our spouse as we continually receive from Him.

Ask yourself today, “What can I do today to demonstrate love to my wife/husband? How can I make sure they know they are loved?”


In the coming weeks, we’ll be continuing this series on marriage and sharing more personal insights, so stay tuned!

Karl & Deborah Malouff