I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also. For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

2 Timothy 1:5-7

As I anticipate Mother’s Day this upcoming Sunday, I wanted to share my heart for parenthood and for raising up children in the knowledge of the Lord and a foundation of truth. I have vision to see millennials empowered to carry and pass on a spiritual legacy to their children, and to their children’s children. My daughters Joy and Grace, who are young millennial mothers, also contributed their thoughts and experiences on how they have learned to parent well, and what they have received as a part of my own legacy. God calls all of us- parents or not- to continue on the rich inheritance of faith that we have by imparting what we have received to others!



Sue Ahn

Mother of Joy, Grace, Gabe, and Mary

My husband Ché and I have always had a heart for the next generation. Decades ago, we started discipling others in college ministry. Today, we mentor millennials ranging in age from childhood to late thirties- and we are teaching our children to do the same. We want to see a generation of healthy, whole, and godly families to set an example not only for the Body of Christ, but for the world!

My mother was a medical doctor who made a decision to stay home to raise us during the formative years of our lives (ages 0-6). She modeled for us what it means to have family time and family values. Because of her example, I learned that we’re informed by what we know, but who we are is imparted to us. So much of who I am was imparted to me from my mother, including my love for children and my unquestionable conviction to honor the sanctity of life.


Parenting with Biblical Values


Biblical values remain the same because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. As parents and future parents, we have the responsibility and the joy of imparting to the next generation the foundation of truth given to us in the Scriptures. We don’t change His word to be politically correct or “socially acceptable.” I want to encourage you that it is never too late to begin! If you have grown children, or have not raised your children with Christian values, the Lord can always use you to mentor and disciple others. There is an entire generation hungry to be parented, guided, and disciplined in the ways of God.

It is such a joy to see my own children (and now grandchildren) walk out the biblical values that were imparted to them, expressed in their own unique personalities and gifting. Their spiritual foundation is partially the fruit of my mother’s own commitment to “fan into flame” values such as devotion to family, love, mercy, honor, and forgiveness.



Joy ngu

Mother of Annabelle (4 years) and Caleb (21 months)

The values that my mother Sue instilled in us as the Ahn children impact me now more than ever, as a mother of a four year-old and a baby. I am so grateful for the foundation she laid for us, even as small children!

One of the core values that my mom imparted to us was prayer, which was ingrained into our everyday routine as children. We prayed together every night as a family, and we were very specific in our prayers, interceding for people by names. All the kids participated as we took turns around the dinner table or at bedtime. The routine of prayer wasn’t a chore, but simply a part of our lifestyle. This is a value I’ve been able to pass on to my family.

Another value that was deeply ingrained in us as children was reading the Word. My dad would read us verses, parables, and other Scripture to help instruct us, guide us, and lay a foundation of truth. We looked forward to “story time” in the evening (reading from the Bible with mom and dad). We learned to follow the example in Scripture of praying for miracles and healings, and interacting with the Holy Spirit. Following the Word in this way became a part of our everyday language- a habit I’ll always be grateful for.

As parents of two young children, my husband and I have created an environment where God is priority. Prayer, worship, and talking to the Holy Spirit are regular parts of our lives- Every morning, we wake up and Annabelle says, “Come Holy Spirit!”


Grace Baik

 Mother of Justice (5 years) and Levi (21 months) 

Everything my mother Sue said and did intentionally modeled what it looks like to live from Biblical values. I am so grateful for the example she was to us as children, and continues to be to us as adults!

One key value she instilled in us as children was hearing the voice of God. In everything, my mom remained completely dependent on the Holy Spirit by listening for His voice and responding accordingly. I remember her stopping in the middle of a frustrating or difficult situation, and asking the Holy Spirit for help and for wisdom—and teaching us to do the same. This has been a life-defining component for me as a mother: to depend on His strength and not my own, and to surrender to Him completely every day.

Children do not have a “junior” Holy Spirit—they are able to access and hear the voice of God, sometimes with greater clarity and simplicity than adults! I love seeing this in my own children, specifically in my oldest son (my youngest is still learning to talk). I can see that what has been instilled in me by my mom has now been passed on to my own children. It’s a powerful reminder of the significance of legacy!


SPIRITUAL LEGACY- a final word from sue

I believe that each generation passes on an inheritance to the next generation. Even in Scripture, the companion to the apostle Paul, Timothy, received an impartation of faith from his own mother, which “first lived” in his grandmother. I believe that my own children- and grandchildren- are also experiencing the fruit of a spiritual legacy I received. Biblical values are meant to be passed on- teach others what you have received!



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Sue Ahn is one of the founding pastors and apostolic leaders of HRock Church in Pasadena, California, along with her husband Ché Ahn.