Jan 20

The Lifestyle of a Prophet - James Goll

Internationally respected prophet and bestselling author James Goll offers a practical approach to the prophetic gifting with this experiential course of The Lifestyle of a Prophet. Centered around a unique, hands-on 21-day guide, he helps believers develop the intimacy with God essential to hearing His voice clearly and correctly—and then proclaiming His words faithfully. Through illustrations from his own life and those of John, Daniel and Ezekiel, James exposes common misconceptions about the prophetic calling, the successes and failures of gifted people throughout church history and wisdom from the trenches of the prophetic. WLI Prophetic Core Course (4 TUs) SIGN UP HERE
Jan 21

Growing Up with God Kids Event with Shawn Bolz

Do you have a 7- 13 year that is always dreaming and asking questions about their future or a little leader that knows exactly what they want? We are excited to share with you an upcoming event: Growing Up with God Kids Event put on by Bolz Ministries. At this event there will be times of worship, game playing, learning to hear God for ourselves and those around us! There will be a special teaching and prophetic time with Shawn Bolz and then small group activations where everyone gets to apply what was learned! Everyone that attends the event will get: Growing Up with God book,backpack, and journal! Register Today!
Feb 7

Born Free

This class is for WOMEN ONLY interested in unraveling the tangled threads of past emotional, physical or verbal abuse. Whether you’re experiencing current violence/abuse at home, substance abuse, or sexual assault, BORN FREE is a safe place where the vulnerable become empowered and their world can be free of threats. BORN FREE is dedicated to bringing answers and hope to WOMEN caught in the chaos of personal dysfunction.  For more information please contact  hopecenter@hrockchurch.com
Feb 10

Brian Simmons - Glory to Glory

The Bible reveals seven levels of glory that have come into the earth. These are seven ways God has chosen to unveil Himself to His people. Each level brings and increase, and a deepening of our experience of Him. To Touch Eternity, is to embrace His glory! This course will provide you with an in depth study of God's glory from both the Old and New Testament perspective. A special emphasis will be given to the historical deposits of glory in the Old Testament and the 7 Levels of Glory brought forth in the New. God is calling the church to leave one level of glory and continue on to the next. This course is ideal for pastors and teachers who want to bring a comprehensive understanding of God's glory to others. WLI Core Course (4 TUs) SIGN UP HERE
Feb 13

HIM Transformation trip to Japan

Cost: $2,300 HIM is going to Japan this spring to light the fire of revival and prophetic ministry. Join us as we experience what God is doing in His Kingdom. Consider taking this trip with us to Tokyo, Japan, which includes intimate times of hands on discipleship and mentoring with HIM Founder and Apostle, Pastor Che Ahn along with HIM Executive Director Pastor Mary Ahn. This trip will include touring and praying over the city of Tokyo. There will be 7 full days of outreach and ministry as we shift the spiritual atmosphere throughout the city, through ministry that could include working with the homeless and orphans. You will be equipped, empowered and released to minister in your 5-fold gifting’s. Join us as we prophetically impart to an apostolic HIM Church, local city leaders and the next rising generation. Just think, you can be a part of releasing a generation into a wave of transformation.
Feb 24

Art of Marriage

Marriage is far more complex than we can ever anticipate. Your covenant relationship to your spouse is more than a science; it's an art. This special event allows you to experience God’s design for marriage from expert teachers and humorous vignettes. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and be equipped to better understand your marriage, your spouse and yourself, strengthening your relationship and giving you the tools to have a healthy and successful marriage. Find out more about what happens at an Art of Marriage REGISTER HERE!
Mar 2

No Longer Bound

No Longer Bound is an abortion recovery ministry to help bring healing and deliverance to women and men who have been wounded and broken from the emotional and spiritual pain of an abortion and miscarriage. This fourteen week group will help you work through the denial, pain, guilt, shame and depression to accept God’s forgiveness. We offer a safe place to heal from the anger, unforgiveness and grief that often linger in the heart. Learn new ways to successfully deal with the ongoing reminders and learn to embrace your acceptance in Christ.   SIGN UP HERE