Generosity Grows the Church

The church is more than a building…but we do gather and celebrate together in one.

WE are the CHURCH… a family committed to growing together, not just in numbers, but in Christ-like love and character. Our purpose is to build one another up and create a culture that embodies the Kingdom. One of those cultures is that of generosity and learning to steward what the Lord has entrusted us with, so that we may bear good fruit that lasts.

It is this culture of generosity that added to the church daily and changed the world, forever (Acts 2:43-47).

On Sunday, April 2, 2017, we are going to celebrate HRock Church’s 23rd Anniversary and begin a campaign to eliminate the $6.1 million dollar debt on our church building, the Ambassador Auditorium. Please be in prayer during this time, as our collective efforts to pay off the debt will free up our resources to be able to make an impact not only inside of our four walls, but in our city and beyond.

All growth starts with a seed. When we sow, we grow. We invite you to join us in helping us pay off our building debt, and in doing so build one another up as we help to create a culture of generosity.

To give to the Generosity Grows the Church Campaign on Push Pay, select Generosity Campaign under the option of “Giving Type.” To give with a check or on a giving envelope please write on the memo: “Generosity Campaign.”