Ken Fish – Deliverance & Spiritual Warfare

(PA710) Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare: Biblical background, techniques and application

The ministry of deliverance, improperly known in some quarters as exorcism, has a long and rich history with the Christian Church. While many Protestant churches no longer practice this ancient form of ministry (and may in fact frown upon it), many Catholic, Pentecostal and “Spirit-filled” churches still do. What exactly is deliverance? Is it a credible ministry in the modern age? If so, where and when would one use it? How does one go about doing so? What benefits might one hope to see from it? These questions and more are addressed in this seminar.

Training Units: 4



Date(s) - 03/24/17 - 03/25/17

Frontier Ventures – Heimbach Hall
1605 E. Elizabeth St.