Loving Our World. Advancing the Kingdom.

The heart of HIM is to reach out across the globe with the message of hope and the hand of mercy. With so many people struggling to survive in the midst of disease, injustice, poverty and tragic disasters, HIM Disaster Relief is committed to pursuing the vision to advance the Kingdom of God through His power and His love. Please join us as we bring the light and hope of Jesus to those living in darkness and hopelessness all around the world.

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HIM has been working with the following nations for years.
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Reaching Out

Philippines Typhoon Relief, March 2014


Typhoon Haiyan, or Yolanda, left a path of destruction and despair in the Philippines, and Harvest International Ministry and Be a Hero joined together to deliver 50K worth of aid to the victims.


Join us with Harvest International Ministry (HIM) to meet the needs of the thousands of displaced people affected by the earthquakes. HIM is partnering with ministries on-site in Nepal to feed hungry families, offer shelter and provide hope for the families who have lost everything. Give support using the link below.

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