Don’t do life alone!
Become a part of a healing group.

You were made to thrive.
You were not made to do it alone.
Come, be set free.

Upcoming Events

Abortion Recovery

A safe place for spiritual healing and deliverance through Jesus Christ to both women and men who have been emotionally wounded by abortion.


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Embracing Life

Encouragement, prayer and Christ-centered teaching for those with life-altering conditions, like cancer, lupus, HIV-AIDS, diabetes, depression, anxiety and others.


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Pure Eyes

When it comes to sex and sexuality, men often find themselves in a losing battle against temptation. This honest treatment of an uncomfortable issue will free men to experience forgiveness and renewal.


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Resurrected Life

Focus on personal identity in relationship to God and how the hurts and pains of life have affected our view of our self, God and others.


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Born Free

Born Free is a women’s group that inspires the vulnerable to discover the power of God inside of them and the courage to walk free from a life-cycle of co-dependency and abusive treatment.


You were made to be free