Installment Service

You won’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime occasion for HRock Church, as part of our Legacy Weekend celebration: the Installment Ceremony of Gabe and Monica Ahn as our new Senior Pastors.

Installment Details

Join us for our 11:30AM service on January 17th as we experience a corporate anointing of honor, unity and legacy together. You will want to be there for this significant transition of leadership as our Founding Pastors, Ché and Sue Ahn, anoint Pastors Gabe and Monica Ahn in their new position as the Senior Pastors of HRock Church.

Light Dessert Reception to follow.

*On Sunday Jan 17th, we will still have a 9:30AM service – however, the installment will only take place during the 11:30AM service. *Additional parking will be available. *Kids Rock will be available during both services.

Legacy, Vision, & Revival

In this inspirational clip, Pastor Che Ahn shares his vision for godly legacy. He speaks on the significance of Pastor Gabe and Monica’s installment as senior pastors and what this transition means for HRock Church.

Additionally, read this letter from Pastor Che to HRock Church:

Pastor Che’s Letter

Q & A from Pastors Che and Sue Ahn

Q: Will you still be speaking on Sunday mornings?
A: Yes. However, I’ll be allowing my son, Gabriel, to take several weeks out of a month to share what the Lord has placed on his heart. Ultimately, he will be speaking more than I will so that I can travel to more HIM churches.

Q: Will the church shift in terms of vision and focus?
A: No. As presiding apostle and the founders of HRock, Mama Sue and I will still be seeking the Lord for the overall vision and mission of HRock Apostolic Center. At the end of the day, we will always be a revival church! With that said, Gabriel and Monica will be encouraging more of the arts and entertainment, media and other creative methods throughout each ministry.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most with Gabriel and Monica’s installation?
A: I can’t wait to hear my son and daughter speak. I truly believe they are carrying the fresh rhema word from God for our city and church. I’m also looking forward to traveling around the world and taking my time to come back. As I’ve aged, I’ve found it more physically taxing to do international trips within a four-day span. Now that I don’t have to make it back on Sunday, it will allow me to rest and recuperate after my travels. All great things. Yay God!