A Tour to Remember

Discover Los Angeles’ rich revival history firsthand on this luxury charter bus tour with Winnie Banov.

The Details

The “LA Revival Tour” will kick off the 10th Anniversary Revival Alliance Conference! The tour will begin at the Ambassador Auditorium and take place from 7am to 1pm on Thursday, March 31st. The registration cost is $95.

Tour Includes

  • Luxury Charter Bus
  • Tour of 4 Revival Locations in Los Angeles (Azusa Street, Aimee Semple McPhearson Parsonage, Kathryn Kuhlman’s Grave, and Bonnie Brae St.)
  • Special Guest Tour Guide: Winnie BanovĀ 
  • Specialty Lunch (included)
  • Registered Revival Alliance Conference attendees will receive priority registration early
  • Registered Revival Alliance Conference Attendees will have a priority seat saved during the first session of the conference (Thursday)
  • A free copy of Revival Magazine – Over 100 years of Revival

*details subject to change

Register Now

The cost of the LA Revival Tour is $95. Simply select the tour below.

Register directly through Eventbrite