Panel 1:
Changing the World
Through Apostolic Ministry

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Benny Yang

Benny currently serves as the Associate Mission Pastor and Dean of WLI China. He was born in the central part of China and lived in Beijing since 1994. He received Christ in 1995 through an American English teacher at his college, and then started to serve as a youth minister in Haidian Christian Church in Beijing. He saw a great revival there among young people in the early 2000s.


Marcus Young

Marcus’s family has 125 years of history in SE Asia. His field mission work includes bible translation and literacy work, community development and sustainability, church planting and leadership training. He grew up in the Philippines, worked with the largest drug cartel in SE Asia and pioneered the first child soldier rescue efforts in Myanmar.


Royree Jensen

As the Senior Leader of River of Life Church in Logan City Australia, and through her own ministry she relates apostolically with many in the pursuit for His presence and manifested Glory. Royree & David also oversee a large network of churches in India and head up an Indian Children’s Home named in their honour.


Mark Tubbs

Mark is the Missions Apostle of Harvest International Ministry (HIM). In addition to serving as local church pastors for more than 24 years, he and his wife Ann, have led trips to East Africa and other hotspots around the world, with a passion to strengthen the global Church. They lead HIM Kenya, which encompasses 3,000 churches in that nation. As a part of HIM, they work with ministries worldwide, encouraging church leaders, organizing short-term missions trips and sparking revival and transformation. As parents of three children, they both minister prophetically and love to release the Kingdom and glory of God in the earth today.


Yvette Isaac

Yvette Isaac is an educator, visionary speaker, author, entrepreneur, and television host. She is the President and Founder of Roads of Success Since 2007 which sends relief teams to areas suffering from natural disasters with emergency medical and psychiatric care, disabilities aide, and restoration to women whose bodily integrity has been sacrificed in the name of tradition. She has high profile connections with officials and religious leaders in the Middle East, United States, and Europe.


Roman Dombrauskas

Roman Dombrauskas is a senior pastor of House of Life Church in the city of Vladivostok in Russia since 1993. His church is the mother church of House of Life Inter-regional Church Association, which is a network of over 80 churches and ministries all over Russia.


Leanna Cinquanta

In 1997 Leanna founded TellAsia Ministries which initiated many humanitarian and educational projects for the rural communities of northern India. Using her research and writing skills to promote Judeo-Christian principles through the internet, currently Leanna’s internet ministry alone impacts an average of 300,000 people every month bringing light into the darkness.

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