God Himself moves in times and seasons. There are appointed times when God begins to move…we are moving into an appointed time, so we need to posture ourselves differently for this year than we have for other years.- Stacey Campbell

I’m filled with excitement and anticipation for what 2017 holds. This will be a year of accelerated acceleration, a time when God will do more in a less amount of time, and I believe that many of you will find yourselves stepping into purpose, receiving long-awaited answers to prayer, and experiencing a spiritual upgrade sooner than you expect it. You may have felt like 2016 went by fast—and it did. I believe that in 2017, you will experience more in an even shorter period of time, which will cause you to look back this same time next year, and be amazed at all that God has done!

In order to come into the fulfillment of what God has spoken, you must come into alignment with the season. It takes an active step of faith, obedience, and will to partner with what your heavenly Father is doing. I want to encourage you today with practical steps to walk in the fullness of this time of accelerated acceleration, when you will experience the “suddenly’s” of God. 

Stay Hungry for the Presence of God

 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Matthew 5:6

 If you want to prepare yourself for a spiritual upgrade, and long-awaited answers to prayer, you’ve got to position yourself to receive from Him. One key to remaining open to the blessings and breakthroughs of God is to remain hungry and thirsty for more of Him. When you consistently pursue God’s presence and “seek first the Kingdom” (Matthew 6:33), you posture yourself to come into the sudden fulfillment of His Word, which promises miracles, healing, deliverance, and blessing.

Look at the stories of great revivalists from past and present and you will find that they consistently stayed in a place of desperation and dependence on the presence of God. Men and women like Frank Bartleman or Heidi Baker remained- and remain- desperate for God’s presence, positioning themselves for the fulfillment of God’s promises. My good friend Heidi Baker came into a season of “suddenly” when, after many years of overseas missions in Mozambique, her and her husband Rolland’s ministry radically expanded and multiplied to see thousands of churches planted in that nation. Heidi always remains hungry for God and dependent on Him for provision, so that she is ready to receive the fulfillment of what He has for her and for Mozambique. God moved on the Bakers’ ministry suddenly, and they have experienced incredible fruit and the fulfillment of promises.

Hunger and thirst are not only key to seeing the beginnings of a movement of God; they are key to receiving from what God is already doing. I believe that if you consistently come into the presence of God, remind yourself of what He has spoken, and plant yourself firmly in His Word, you will position yourself to receive from all that He has promised to you and to the Body of Christ in this time.


Consecrate Yourself to Prayer and Fasting

God does nothing on earth save in answer to believing prayer. – John Wesley

Another key to posturing yourself to stepping into accelerated acceleration is prayer. Prayer releases heaven on earth, bringing the fulfillment of God’s will to your life and to the lives of those for whom you are praying. If you are believing for a personal miracle this year, family members to be saved, radical provision in your finances, healing, or revival in your hometown, consecrate yourself to prayer and fasting, and you will position yourself to experience the fruit of your faith.

Prayer, paired with fasting, is catalytic for a movement of God. In my own life, I have seen tremendous fruit in response to prayer and fasting. HRock Church was birthed out of a prayer meeting in the 1990’s. When we heard from God to go into protracted revival meetings, we began the first 21 days with prayer and fasting—and the results were amazing. During that time, we hosted a prayer meeting that lasted five years, one of the longest prayer meetings in the world at that time. Over twenty years later, HRock is still a thriving, Spirit-filled Church where we continually host the presence of God—all birthed out of prayer and fasting.

The power of fasting as it relates to prayer is the spiritual atomic bomb of our moment in history to bring down the strongholds of evil, bring a great revival and spiritual awakening to America, and accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission.- Bill Bright, The Coming Revival

If you have been longing for your loved ones to know Jesus, I want to encourage you to position yourself through prayer and fasting are powerful  to see miraculous salvation occur in your own family. Earlier in our marriage, Sue and I committed to praying and fasting weekly for our family members who did not know the Lord—and today, I am thrilled to say that we have seen an entire generation come to Christ. But it did not come without prayer and a willingness to consecrate ourselves to the Lord, without stepping into a place of faith and believing that they would be saved. I declare over you today my own testimony of breakthrough—“you and your household will be saved”! (Acts 16:31; emphasis added).

God’s invitation to you


As a final word, I want to encourage you that God is issuing an invitation to you to enter into accelerated acceleration in this season, to experience His transformative glory and breakthrough in your life at a more rapid pace than you have ever experienced. With this invitation to a greater level of glory comes a deeper level of intimacy with Him, so you must be willing to set aside time for Him, which may mean personal sacrifice. Fire falls on sacrifice (1 Kings 18:38, Leviticus 9:24, 2 Chronicles 7:1), and I believe that when you respond now to His invitation with hunger, obedience, and prayer, you will experience His goodness, glory, and miraculous power like never before.


go deeper

Here are some resources to encourage you and prepare you for this season of accelerated acceleration.

  • Conferences can be powerful catalysts in your walk with the Lord, ignite your faith, and fuel your passion to see heaven on earth. The Revival Alliance Conference, from April 18-21, gathers great teachers, leaders, and prophetic voices including Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, and Randy Clark, so that we as the Body of Christ can encounter God together and be ignited afresh for His glory!
  • Discover the awesome power of intercession in Intercessory Prayer, by Dutch Sheets. This practical book will convince you and equip you to pray with fervor for your family, friends, and all those who do not know the Lord.
  • Lou Engle is a covenant friend and brother in Christ who not only helped found HRock Church in prayer and fasting, but sets an example for a generation in consecration. The Jesus Fast is a global summons to prayer that will result in a great outpouring of the Spirit!