Just what does Revival look like?

In my blog last week we looked at the first two characteristics of Revival:

  1. When the Church returns to her first love
  2. There is a massive harvest of souls



The third sign of Revival: You know you are in the midst of Revival when you see society being transformed.

Consider the story of a young man from Wales:

At the turn of the 20th century, there was a young Welshman named Evan Roberts. He came to a point in his life where he decided to leave his job in the coal mines to study for the ministry.

To put it plainly, Roberts was desperate for more of God. So he gathered a group of young people around him, and together they prayed persistently for 11 years, asking God to pour out His Spirit.



Sparks of Revival started to be seen in early 1904, at a morning prayer meeting at Moriah Chapel in Loughor, Wales.

Responding to an invitation to share with the others, a young lady who had recently given her life to the Lord stood up and said, “I love Jesus Christ with all my heart.” 

That was all it took for the Holy Spirit to spark a fire in the lives of everyone there.

That holy fire would go from a small prayer gathering to reach the surrounding towns, regions and the entire nation. In just six months, 150,000 people got saved during what is now known as the Welsh Revival.


extraordinary signs of revival

That Christmas was the most glorious Christmas for Welsh families. Instead of drinking away their Christmas bonuses, the coal miners decided to buy toys for their children. The fathers now wanted to go to church on Christmas Day and on Sundays.

The Welsh way of life saw such transformation that even the animals felt the impact! In fact, the mules and ponies that would carry the carts of coal for the miners became totally confused.

Before, the coal miners would curse at their mules and abuse them to direct them on their way. But now they were speaking kindly to them, so the animals didn’t know what to do anymore. The coal miners actually had to retrain them. Now that’s Revival!

In the country at large, society underwent a radical transformation: The jail cells were now empty. The bars were closed. They even suspended soccer games for a number of years—because Revival was that strong.

That’s what I want to see: God doing such amazing things as society is transformed by the power of His Spirit.

Remember: It just starts with one person in love with Jesus. Fall more in love with Him and you can be that very person.



Here are a few resources that will help spark Revival fires wherever you may be:


Much Love,


Ché Ahn and his wife, Sue, are the Founding Pastors of HRock Church in Pasadena, California. Ché serves as the Founder and President of Harvest International Ministry (HIM) and the International Chancellor of Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI). With a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, he has played a key role in many strategic outreaches on local, national and international levels. He has written more than a dozen books and travels extensively throughout the world, bringing apostolic insight with an impartation of renewal, healing and evangelism.