It is our intention to make HRock Church a SHAME-FREE ZONE. At the Hope Center, we get to spend a considerable amount of time unraveling the lie that is shame. Guilt says, “I did something bad”, whereas shame says, “I am bad.”   In this blog series, I am going to  unpack what it means to create a shame-free culture and how we can live free of shame, as well.

What is a shame-free zone?

This is a zone where people are received in their hurts, brokenness, and imperfections, and are able to speak honestly about what is in their heart without condemnation or shame. If we want to live free from shame, we must first face the roots of our shame and we can only do that when we feel safe, and accepted. In this place of freedom, we shine the light of Christ upon the hurt and weaknesses of our flesh, chasing out shadows of fear and silencing condemnation.

SHAME FREE does not mean perfect, it means free to be ME, a person in process with Jesus.

We work to become the men and women God designed us to be. I can likewise be free to give the enemy back any false identity he tried to give me.  This means we need to be able to do this shame-free, free of accusation in our shortcomings, free of condemnation from our sin, free of the fear that we won’t be embraced or received by others. Essentially, we need to be free to grow.


Open up, let the light in

Let’s take an honest look at shame. Let’s pull it from the shadows of our heart. We need to unmask its power over us, own where we need to make change, and see what we’ve been missing in our relationships with God and others because of it.

The journey to relinquish shame begins with something better, the Lord Jesus Christ. Not hope that things will get better, but the substantive assurance the He is better. No one gives up what is comfortable and familiar for what they do not know or believe is unattainable. In relinquishing shame, we come to know the truth of love that surpasses our comprehension. We apprehend it by faith, that is to say, we abide in the truth He’s given to us. We abandon ourselves to the One whom we know loves us unreservedly and live by faith on what He’s spoken to us, even when we cannot yet fully grasp this profound truth.

There is always hope

Let us begin in hope. Turning away from fear, let us turn our faces upward into the light of His love. Be assured that as we courageously come to Him for healing, comfort, and acceptance, we will discover that He has been there all along, arms open to receive us.


Some sections of this article are taken from MORE GLORY! God’s Healing Voice for Shame and Self-Hatred, by Jonathan Hunter and Gwen Gibson.


Gwen Gibson serves as the Pastor for the HOPE CENTER—the place at HRock where we encourage and offer hope for those struggling through the tough places of life. It is her joy to help others discover the freedom they long for and know how much they are loved by God.