An Encounter of Intimate Friends

Blood stains were on the floor and curtains.  My whole body shivered as He approached me motioning to join Him.  I was stunned and afraid.  Am I dreaming?  A few moments earlier, through desperate tears, I cried out to God to make His will mine.

Suddenly, angel-like wings whisked me to a room splattered with blood.  Trembling, my eyes flooded with tears as I sensed His desire for me.

Thoughts of all my weaknesses and failures raced through my mind. It was beyond words to yield to His gentle invitation: “Come with Me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” I could only imagine our journey would change me forever.

I touched his hand.  It felt warm and gentle. With my hand in His, He nodded for me to enter with Him through the curtain. My heart pounded in my throat. Where are we going?  As we approach the curtain I can see that it has been torn;  its edges ripped and ragged.  I unexpectedly felt transparent almost naked in the Light streaming from the arched doorway.   Walking slowly hand in hand on this sacred journey I noticed more faint blood stained spots on the floor.  His eyes penetrate deeply into my eyes and He smiles again.  I’m now sure the spots on the floor are His footprints. Whoosh! The curtain moved.  Angels swirled around us.  I could see that their transparent bodies were adorned with a heavenly sparkling  light.  I cannot believe what is happening to me!

My earth reasoning is trying hard to grasp it all.  He was right beside me glowing with the joy of simply being with me.  He told me so.

There was love in His eyes.

Suddenly, He became transparent when rays of light shined through Him.  I can hear him laugh. I gaze on Him with childlike wonder.  Amazed, I catch a glimpse of eternity.

Grace Beyond Explanation, Relationship Beyond Compare

On the winds of sound I heard repeated echoes of, “Grace, Grace…” flowing throughout the entire chamber.  I’m sure it was the angel winds sweeping across my face as the winds whispered, “My beloved I’ve been waiting for you…”.  He knows me and still calls me lovely. His Light came to cover my nakedness, my sin.  As I turn His hand reaches to pull back the torn edges of the veil. Oh no, the veil is splattered, stained with blood.  A voice says, “Have pleasure and confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by My Blood, a new and living way for you. Come through My Flesh.” We are within the veil.  There is a deeper intimacy waiting for you that you cannot even begin to imagine on this side of the veil.  I am in Him, and out of myself. He has seen me naked. A genuine intimate union.



Speechless, I realized the forces and powers of my prayer can only be confronted by that which is within the veil.

For the first time my eyes see; nothing can separate me from Him.

My weakness cannot interfere with the power of the Blood. My hope of victory as well as hope for unlimited power finds their source in the One who is unlimited within the veil.

With tears of repentance on my face I shed guilt, shame, loneliness and fear.  Bitterness and un-forgiveness suddenly fly off me. I stand naked and clean before Him.  As I kneel, my face touches the floor, and I know the Blood is still alive…it speaks to me.  Its eternal power never ceases.

Happy Easter! See you at our Easter services on March 27th as we encounter Jesus afresh in this truly special season! 


Ginny McConnell