“John answered them, ‘I am fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy: “I am an urgent, thundering voice, shouting in the desert – clear the way and prepare your hearts for the coming of the Lord Yahweh!”’” – John 1:23 (Passion Translation)

God never leaves us without a witness. He is so intent that we would see and hear Him that He’s sent a witness into the desert places to proclaim His presence. The Lord knows that when we’re in the desert places of our lives, we need to hear and see Him the most.

John was sent to proclaim the coming of the Lord—because He wouldn’t come in the way that many expected. God’s plans are marvelous, beyond anything that we could imagine. So He sends a witness in order to turn our attention to His unexpected ways.

Our witness may come in a package that we don’t like very much, clothed in camel’s hair and eating locusts. However, hearing comes by the Spirit of God. It will require the ability to see past the surface and see that God is present despite the packaging. This is where our eyes and ears truly become open.

In the dry and weary places of our lives, we’ve stopped listening, stopped expecting, maybe even stopped hoping. God intends to come into that very place. He sends a witness to prepare the way because He understands how hardened the ground has become.

Where is there a voice in your life calling out in your desert? Tend your ear to Him and ask the Lord for His coming in the very place of your greatest need.