John 1:35-37  – “Again the next day John was standing with two of his disciples, and he looked at Jesus as He walked, and said, ‘Behold, the Lamb of God!’ The two disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus.”

John identified Jesus for two of his disciples. They, in turn, left John and his ministry and went to follow Jesus. What was the conversation they were having with John as they were walking along the road? Was Jesus’ appearance the manifestation of their conversation? Jesus appears as the answer to many a longing conversation (see Luke 24).

The focus of John’s ministry was to be the forerunner of Jesus, to point toward His coming and to call people to look for Him. We should not be surprised that these two left to follow Jesus. Others stayed with John; we know this from the arguments that arose with his disciples over baptism (John 4). We cannot know the call on each of these lives in regard to the choice that they made. What is important was that John understood and walked fully in the call on his life.

John’s whole ministry was to point to Jesus—John was a neon arrow pointing toward the coming promise, a bullhorn in the desolation, shouting out the pending arrival of the long-awaited Messiah. 

Our leadership should always be an arrow pointing to Jesus.

Lord, may my ears be attentive to the voice of the herald, may my eyes be open to see You, may my feet run after You when You are present. Holy Spirit, shape what we do to become an arrow pointing to You, to be a bullhorn announcing Your presence, inviting everyone to come.

Be prepared, for the Bridegroom comes!