Back 2 School Backpack Drive

Our children are more than just the future; they are our present! We want to invest into the success of our youth, in school. HRock Church wants to give fully stocked backpacks to 50 youth (High School & Grade School age) for the upcoming school year. We need you to help us make an impact in these powerful young leaders. If you want to invest a stuffed backpack or if you are in need and want a backpack for your child, please sign up in the lobby. Thank you for sowing into the lives of these worldchangers. Further information is in the lobby and online. If you are donating a backpack, the deadline to bring in the FILLED backpacks is July 29th, during 1st & 2nd Service. 


 Backpack Supplies List

Pencil box ($6, Target/Walmart)
Crayons ($6, Target/Walmart
Colored pencils ($5, Target/Walmart)
Washable markers ($6, Target/Walmart)
No. 2 pencils ($4, Target/Walmart)
Ballpoint pens ($6, Target/Walmart)
Pencil sharpener ($5, Target/Walmart)
Erasers ($3, Target/Walmart)
Glue sticks ($3, Target/Walmart)
Ruler ($3, Target/Walmart)
Blunt-tipped scissors ($5, Target/Walmart)
Plastic folders ($14, Target/Walmart)
Assorted construction paper ($4, Target/Walmart)
Wide-ruled notebook or pad ($4, Target/Walmart)
Index cards ($5, Target/Walmart)
Pocket Tissues ($6, Target/Walmart)
Lunchbox or bag ($20, Target/Walmart)
Highlighters ($8, Target/Walmart)
1″ Three-ring binder ($3, Target/Walmart)
Loose-leaf paper or spiral notebooks ($3, Target/Walmart)
Subject dividers ($5, Target/Walmart)
Calculator ($10, Target/Walmart)
  Backpack ($35, Amazon) Link to purchase the Backpack is here.

Cost for Supplies in the backpack: $134.00
TOTAL COST: $169.00


Date(s) - 06/24/18 - 07/29/18

Ambassador Auditorium
131 S. St. John Ave.