GROW Track

4-Step Group Class   |   Let’s Build & Grow Together!

Here at HRock Church, we understand that you are the church, the ekklesia. We are committed to Love God, Love People, and Love Ourselves – knowing that when we build people, we build the church, and when we build the church, we build the Kingdom. Let’s build and GROW together.

Join us and be a part of the GROW Track:

Each of the 4 Steps is a one day Saturday intensive (4 weeks consecutive class) 

Encounter Weekend

GROW Track will kick off with an ENCOUNTER WEEKEND, a Friday and Saturday event. At Encounter Weekend, you will affirm your identity in God, experience intimacy with Jesus, and be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Come expectant to encounter freedom! You must go through ENCOUNTER WEEKEND to take the classes for Steps 1-4. *Childcare will not be provided.


Step 1: Know & Follow Jesus  

Jesus invites you to know and follow Him, and in doing so, know the Father who sent Him. Step 1 will help you grow in your journey with Jesus, regardless of how long you have been on that road. You may have questions like, “How can I hear His voice?” or “What difference does the Cross really make?” We want to equip you, so that you may effectively answer the call to follow Jesus in your everyday life.


Step 2: Experience Freedom 

The invitation to follow is just the beginning of a life journey, and that process changes who we become. Our journey with God is an incredible opportunity to encounter healing: emotional, physical, and spiritual. Experience a restored life free from shame, regret, and pain as you gain the basic tools of spiritual freedom.


Step 3: Find Your Purpose  

You were created on purpose and for a purpose! God has a magnificent plan and destiny for your life. We can discover our purpose in partnership with the Holy Spirit and our covenant community. This step is meant to clarify and encourage how we can live a life worthy of the calling we have received.


Step 4: Make a Difference 

Part of your purpose is to positively affect the people around you. Whatever stage you’re at in life, and with God, it’s important to remember that you can significantly impact someone with God’s love. There are many ways to get involved, volunteer, and make a difference, whether it’s in the local church or outside its four walls. We also want to equip you so that you may fulfill your destiny for the expansion of God’s Kingdom and for the reformation of society.



Let’s build and grow together.

Find our upcoming Grow Track event dates on our event page.


Missed this last GROW Track, Encounter Weekend? Can’t make it to this round of GROW Track Classes?

That’s okay, we have another GROW Track, Encounter Weekend and round of classes beginning in February!