“The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.”

(Habbakuk 2:14)

This past week, I gathered with some of my closest friends and partners in ministry along with over a thousand others in Pasadena, California for the Revival Alliance Conference. During these four powerful days, Holy Spirit was priority! God did so much during the conference, as we remained in a place of continually experiencing His presence and power, giving Him thanks and declaring His promises.

I believe that the Revival Alliance Conference served as a powerful catalyst for many to say “yes” in new ways to the call of God to go, to share the love of Jesus with others, and to bring Kingdom transformation to their spheres of influence.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the conference:


The Revival Alliance was formed as a response to prophetic words given by Bob Jones, Cindy Jacobs, and Stacey Campbell that there would be a coalition of leaders in the Body to unify towards seeing global revival. It has been such an honor and a privilege to run with these amazing men and women of God for so many years. For the Revival Alliance panel, we shared stories and testimonies, and dialogued about seeing the purposes of God fulfilled in this generation. It’s always so inspiring to gather with these friends and co-laborers, who are seeing God move in radical ways in their spheres of influence. It was so good to connect with old friends, and share stories and laughter.

The Revival Alliance Panel, Session 3, discussion. From left to right, Gabe Ahn (host), myself, my wife Sue, Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, and Georgian and Winnie Banov.


Authority & Power in the Kingdom-bill johnson

One key theme of the conference was the commission of Jesus to go and preach the gospel! My good friend  Bill Johnson spoke about the authority and power we have as believers in Christ to bring transformation to the world around us. In order to operate in authority under the commission of God, we must say “yes” to the mission of God. What an inspiring, fresh perspective on partnering with the Holy Spirit!

Bill Johnson speaks on walking in power and authority in the Kingdom of God.


impartation and presence

In my session, I taught on evangelism and how we can bring others into the Kingdom of God when they encounter the Holy Spirit through us. After the session, I had the opportunity to impart to others and pray for the presence of God to fall. Many encountered the weight of His glory and were touched with physical manifestations of His presence. It was a wonderful time of intimacy and connection with the Lord!


Conference attendees gathered on and offstage to wait on the presence of God.


New Perspectives- Lance Wallnau

Speaker, author, and political/business strategist Lance Wallnau joined us for this conference, and I was thrilled to have his unique insight into the current political and social climate in America. Lance brought us into new places of understanding of God moving through leadership and even “chaos,” as he puts it, to bring new opportunities for reformation. As believers, we are called to bring change, but we must be strategic! I am so passionate about coming into our rightful roles as reformers of culture and society. I was deeply moved by Lance’s perspective on what God is doing today in our nation, and in the nations of the world.


Lance Wallnau speaking on being strategic as reformers and influencers for the Kingdom.


a catalyst for reformation- Heidi baker

During the conference, many entered into encounters that brought deep freedom and incredible joy. I believe that the conference also served as a catalyst for many people to step into greater levels of God-given identity as reformers, culture-makers, and carriers of His glory. Heidi Baker spoke about yielding yourself fully to God so that He can use you as a catalyst for change. When we know how much we are deeply loved and known by the Father, we can surrender all to Him. This was such a beautiful evening of experiencing His presence and saying “yes” to giving all we have to Him, knowing that His plans and purposes are so much greater than our own!

Heidi Baker spoke on being a catalyst for revival and reformation.

the best is yet to come

I believe that everyone at the conference experienced this simple but powerful truth: God calls us all to be agents for change and influencers of society- and He gives us what we need to fulfill that call! With the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit, we can walk as Christ did, experience deep fellowship with our heavenly Father, and bear fruit for the Kingdom of God.

It’s been an incredible 11 years hosting Revival Alliance. What an honor it has been. Even though this was the last Revival Alliance Conference at HRock Church, I sincerely believe that this is the beginning of something new, not the end of something great. As we heard from many of our speakers this past week: this is a time for the Church Body to step forward and dramatically impact the world for His Kingdom. I believe the best is yet to come!