We know that needs are unique to you and your situation. We can help you find a starting place for your journey. We can help you connect with our healing community here at HRock or find resources nearby.


The purpose of Gate to Freedom counseling is to bring wholeness, restoration and empowerment to individuals and families, making a long lasting impact on future generations. Gate to Freedom Christian Clinical Counseling uses the joint method of two main sources: the science of psychology and Biblical truth through revelation from the Spirit of the Lord.


You Were Made To Be FREE,
Saved, Healed And Delivered.

Sozo is a Greek word that in its fullest use means salvation, healing and deliverance. When we say “sozo,” we mean a way to pray and care for individuals that reaches to the heart of the pain and pulls the thorn. Sozo Ministry is a way for us to get to the hurt and bring some relief.

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No Longer Bound is a miscarriage and abortion recovery ministry that provides a safe place for spiritual healing through Jesus Christ to both women and men who have been emotionally wounded. Come receive freedom and learn to embrace your acceptance in Christ!


Embracing Life Ministries (ELM) extends encouragement, prayer and Christ-centered teaching for those with life-altering conditions, like cancer, lupus, HIV-AIDS, diabetes, depression, anxiety and others. Come and experience healing, discipleship and training focused on issues that affect how we live.


Resurrected Life Ministries (RLM) offers a series of ongoing classes focused on helping individuals develop their personal and spiritual life. Embrace your true identity in relationship to God and be free from the hurts in the past!


Born Free is a WOMEN only class focused on unraveling the tangled threads of past or current emotional abuse, physical abuse and verbal abuse. It is for those caught in the chaos of the abusive nature of others whether from a partner, family members or friends, but particularly in an environment of domestic violence/abuse within the home. Born Free is a safe place where the vulnerable become empowered and women can make constructive and lasting changes for themselves, their children and those at risk. Women from all faiths, churches and cultures are encouraged to attend. For more information about Born Free, email: bornfree@bornfreeglobal.com.


All men—whether single or married—deal with the issue of sexual temptation. Join the conversation as we honestly address the challenge of sexual purity for men and openly pursue the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. You can be free and experience forgiveness and renewal!

We meet every Thursday at 7pm in Pasadena, CA at the HRock Church Office. If you would like to join the Pure Eyes group, email:


The discipleship and prayer ministry of Living Waters addresses the roots of sexual and relational issues that ensnare Christians into unhealthy living.

Are you struggling with Fear, Isolation, Gender identity issues, Effects of abuse, Anger or unforgiveness, Fantasy, Co-dependency, Masturbation,  Shame and self-hatred, Pornography,  Sexual addiction or promiscuity, Unwanted same-sex attraction?

Living Waters provides a thoughtful and safe place to look at the ways we’ve become ensnared and begin a journey toward living in freedom and truth. For more information about Living Waters, email: livingwaters@hrockchurch.com.