“The Father now judges no one, for He has given all the authority to judge to the Son, so that the honor that belongs to the Father will now be shared with His Son. So if you refuse to honor the Son, you are refusing to honor the Father who sent Him.” – John 5:22-23 (The Passion Translation)

In the relationships of the Godhead, One with the Other, there are life lessons for us. Because the Father loves the Son, He gives to Him gifts, but there is rich meaning in the gifts that He bestows.

Here Jesus talks about the transfer of authority for the judgment of humanity. It is because of Christ’s great love for us that this authority has been given to Him. The Father loves us immensely, and as His Son shares this same love, there is a resting place for this transfer of authority. Their oneness of heart regarding Their love for us is the grounds for this exchange.

In the transfer of this authority there is also the transaction of loving honor. The Father, who loves the Son, transfers authority to Him so that the Son would also be honored. It is a love gift. It is not just about the increase of authority but the attraction of honor that comes with the exercise of that office. The manner in which the Son stewards this authority brings increasing honor—both to the Son, who exercises it, and to the Father, who has given it. The transfer of authority is the increase of honor and Kingdom.

Do we love one another this well? I’ve often observed that authority is sometimes withheld because honor and love are not present.

If we learn to love well those who are in authority over us, we create within our spirit the resting place for such a transfer. We build this opportunity by learning how to love and care for the issues that are important to those we serve, whether it is mom and dad, the teacher or the boss. Our posture of service is heart based, not action based. Learning to love well forges the resting place for greater authority.

Let us learn to love well that the Kingdom would increase under our authority.