John 1:5 – “And this Living Expression is the Light that bursts through gloom – the Light that darkness could not diminish!” (The Passion Translation)

I drove home this past week under a cloud-filled sky. It had been raining and the overcast landscape was grey and damp. The sun was up, though hidden from view. In a thinning patch of sky, the light was breaking through, the rays shining down onto the open fields below. Like the Spirit hovering over the darkness at the dawn of creation—with a single word—God breaks through, and everything changes. The bright, white pool of light was a focal point for miles against such a dark landscape. It made me think of how shocking it must have been for the shepherds to see such a bright light in their darkened landscape as the host of heaven came to visit them one evening long ago. With a word, their lives were changed!

God is continually at work, moving into our darkness, reaching toward us with His light. God sent an angelic messenger to some out-of-the-way, socially withdrawn herdsmen. These guys were not the top of the social ladder. They were not trendsetters; they had no Twitter following, no FB page, no blog post. They were just average guys: the type of person that is always on God’s VIP list. His love was hovering over their hearts, and now it was time for His voice to break through and create new life!

Darkness gives the impression that we are alone, hemmed in and without options. It stifles our ability to see and steals our initiative. It is into these types of places that the Light of the World comes breaking in. He cannot be diminished! He has come for average, off-to-the-side people because He has good news of a new life ready to be poured into every heart!

The enemy of our soul would like us to believe that the darkness that surrounds us is greater than the Light that is within us. Not true. He has only to speak out, “Let there be…!” and the landscape is illuminated and changed. The Light of the World dwells within you; perhaps it is obscured by cloud cover. Speak forth His incredible promises to you and let the landscape around you be changed!