For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God. (2 Corinthians 1:20)

In 2004, HRock Church received an incredible offer for a beautiful new church building. We had been meeting in Mott Auditorium for many years, having moved there during the renewal meetings in the 90’s. But God had an upgrade for us.

Even as the pastor, I couldn’t tell the congregation where the building was, what it was called, or how much the total cost was, for legal reasons. I could only tell them that we needed to raise 1 million dollars for a security deposit. Just in time, we raised the money we needed to move into”The Crown Jewel of Pasadena”- Ambassador Auditorium.

Ambassador Auditorium is more than we could have ever dreamed of for our church building. It’s a world-class performing center, an architectural monument, and a historical site- the Carnegie Hall of the West.

We have utilized Ambassador primarily for church services and conferences in the past, but I believe that we are also called to impact the arts and entertainment mountain through this incredible gift from God. I am excited and expectant for Ambassador Auditorium to play a key part in the destiny of HRock Church: to influence the film and entertainment industry with Kingdom values.



A Calling to the Arts & Entertainment Mountain

Ambassador Auditorium is a grand, beautifully designed architectural feat with a rich history of hosting major stars in entertainment, including hosting Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. When God provided this historic site to be the home of HRock Church, I knew that we would rent out Ambassador as a venue for various shows and as a site for filming. We would have a unique opportunity to share the Gospel (something I’m passionate about). However, God has been expanding my vision to host productions outside of church services.

This past year, God gave us a Senior Pastor with a passion for the arts and entertainment mountain- Gabe Ahn, my son. Gabe has a vision to bring not only revival but also transformation to Hollywood, an industry traditionally associated with hedonism and immorality. God gave us this world-class building, so we must do what we can to partner with Him to influence culture through Kingdom-centered entertainment.

In December of 2016, HRock Church hosted its first original Christmas production, “O Little Town of Bloomington”. I was blown away by the creativity and quality our church family expressed through this original story. It was a wonderful, highly professional production that glorified Jesus and saved souls. This whole experience caused me to say, “Okay God, you’ve given us this amazing ‘studio’”—how can we use it for your glory?


Bringing the Light to Hollywood

Praise God for the actors, actresses, producers, and other artists that are bringing the light of Christ to Hollywood. But we are contending for more—not only to influence, but to reform the industry with the Kingdom of God. When Hollywood and the film industry first emerged in the early twentieth-century, the Church didn’t know how to handle it—they rejected it entirely. For many believers, going to the movies or watching TV was considered a sin, even though film entertainment was fairly wholesome at that time. This religious, “us and them” attitude has caused a total polarization between the Church and Hollywood. Christians had been taught to avoid Hollywood—and you can see how confusing this might be to a young believer who felt called to be an actor or an actress!

Jesus said that you are “the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13), and the “light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). We are to season society, to penetrate culture with the influence and the light of the Kingdom. We are to bring light to the darkness. The film industry carries incredible influence, impacting not only American culture, but international culture as well. Imagine if the Church had produced movies that were Gospel-centered, validating Christ-like values of redemption, love, purity, hope, and honesty. I believe that now is the time to rise up as a reformative influence in Hollywood, and that we can partner with God to create film that glorifies truth!


Partnering with God

HRock Church is becoming a reformative influence in the arts and entertainment mountain. To prepare for this blessing, we are joining together in faith to pay off the building debt, so that Ambassador can be freed and released to produce Kingdom-minded entertainment.

Through the Generosity Grows the Church campaign, we are believing for breakthrough in this area of debt, to release our funds for reformative projects like our original productions. Ask God how He is asking you to participate in this season of generous giving, and commit to stepping out in faith by making a giving pledge. God blesses our financial generosity with abundance, provision, and prosperity.


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