And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:18)

It just takes one encounter with God to change everything. No barrier is too great for Him to cross. Our God is the God of encounter! He gave everything on the Cross so that we might know Him more, and that we might be reconciled to Him forever in intimate relationship.

Recently, we gathered at HRock Church for Encounter Weekend, a special two-day retreat of worship and teaching, to encounter God, to seek His face, and to receive truth and transformation! Not one person left unchanged. God met us where we were at, even in our brokenness, and transformed us forever. Here, just four of the testimonies of transformation that only God can do!



 “One thing that I’ve continued to dwell on every day since Encounter Weekend has been the Cross. I received a deeper level of revelation that what God did was so unreasonable, so dramatic, and so full- He gave all of Himself through His Son, and held nothing back at all. I recognized how my sin was connected to that reality of Jesus’ sacrifice. Now, when I think of the Cross, I don’t just go straight to meditating on grace, but I really take time to meditate on the work of the Cross. My perspective has been changed; It’s no longer just, ‘God, what’s your vision for me? What do you have to give to me?’ Now it’s, ‘You have given everything- what can I give to you?’ I feel like a new person!”


“I received the gift of tongues previous to Encounter Weekend, but I’ve always doubted whether it was real. But during this weekend, I received confirmation that I do in fact have the gift of tongues! So now I’ve been just boldly going after it in prayer, by letting my spirit make whatever sound that it wants. Now there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m praying and singing in the Spirit!” 



 “One of the most significant parts of Encounter Weekend for me was letting go of self-hatred. The one thing that has been going through my mind since the weekend has been, ‘How can I honor God with the gift that He gave me?’ Feeling self-hatred contradicts everything that He did, by making everything He did on the Cross pointless. I don’t want to do that- I want to honor God! He paid so much for me. He has loved me so much as my Father. I want to do everything I can to repay His love. I know I can never repay it back completely, but I want to do everything I can to try!”



 “God set me free from unforgiveness. Before Encounter Weekend, I remember talking to God about forgiving my dad, and thinking, ‘I don’t want to forgive him, but I need to forgive him.’ God really encountered me in that place this weekend. My relationship with my dad has always been rocky, but this weekend I really became convicted of honoring my parents. Honoring your parents is the first commandment with a promise of blessing. If you don’t honor your parents, you don’t come into alignment with who God is….No matter what my relationship is like to my dad on earth, my job is just to honor him.”


go deeper

Encounter Weekend kicked off Step 1 of GROW Track, a 4-step group class devoted to building our relationship with God, building one another in Christ, and building the Kingdom of God! We are so excited to build and grow the church together as a family!

If you missed Encounter Weekend, don’t worry! Keep an eye on our events page to stay updated on future Encounter Weekends.