John 2

Jesus is always the life of the party. Even at a wedding feast in Cana, He saves the feast from ending in disaster. More than just a party guest, He is the foremost joy-giver.

The wine runs out and Mary’s first thought is to go and ask Jesus to supply what’s missing. Her actions seem incongruent with the moment until we are able to see Jesus as she does. It is the duty of the bridegroom to supply the wine. This particular celebration in Cana may not be Jesus’ wedding, but Mary is unhindered by social formalities. She goes in crisis to THE Bridegroom for a solution. At this wedding we see Jesus unveiled as the Bridegroom for all humanity.

When we are on empty, our Bridegroom provides something better. He is taking the empty religious practices and He is filling them with new meaning and purpose. Let us go unhindered by any formality and ask for what we need. There are old, empty places in our heart that need to be filled with new wine. Jesus has come so that we might have life!

Let us shed the weight of empty formality and lift up a shout of praise to the Author of life. His wine is the best. His wine is gladness.