Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. Psalm 23:4   

Sometimes we don’t see clearly the destination that we are walking towards. We just know that we cannot remain where we are. We would like to have our steps clearly defined, so that we can know what lies ahead of us. However, there are many times when we cannot see the path ahead—so we take hold of the hand of the Holy Spirit as we walk in the dark. It is His presence and not our vision that is our guide and our comfort, even in the unknown.

We will often choose a certain path believing that it is the way the Lord is leading us. While it may work out for us, it may not always work out quite like we expect. God’s presence and purpose are with us in the process of making choices. He is not working towards an event in our lives- He is working on who we are becoming in the journey. Our focus and priorities are not always His focus and priorities. We may be focused on what’s ahead, while He is focused on what He is developing in us.

During transition, we often realize how dependent we’ve become on sight as our guide. In times of uncertainty God heightens other senses; He teaches us how to exercise discernment in a new way and encourages us to keep going despite not knowing what lies ahead. This process is always a stretch! We feel the stress and the quickening of every sense, as we must use them in new ways. We scramble to compensate for changes in circumstances. We may be stretched emotionally or mentally to find balance and peace amongst uncertainty. God will leave us in these times of transition for as long as it takes to give us new strength. He wants us to find our peace in Him and His power to give us strength and stability, not in our own ability to maintain security.

In the place, position, or circumstance that you are feeling the most stretched, I encourage you to seek God by pressing in for His presence even in times of difficulty. We will find our balance when we know how to rest in Him, even in the storms and trials of life. Be encouraged- He is giving you new strength, developing your character and your abilities, and making you more like Him.