He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. (Revelation 3:22)

Just as I ask for a fresh infilling of the presence of the Holy Spirit daily, I continually ask to hear and understand the freshly spoken word of the Lord. In the original Greek used in the New Testament, the word Rhema (Romans 10:17) is used to describe a word spoken by God for this very moment. God spoke to His prophets and His people in the Bible, and He continues to speak today. And because we have access to His presence through the blood of Jesus, every believer in Christ is both capable and qualified to hear his voice. The question is, do we have ears to hear?


Prophetic Destiny, Past & Present


Every year, God is speaking a new Rhema word. When we align ourselves with this Rhema word, we will find a greater level of blessing, purpose, and encouragement, as we walk into what God has planned for His people. One way to prepare your heart and align yourself with what the Lord is speaking into this season is the Prophetic Destiny Conference at HRock Church, January 13-16. Prophetic Destiny Conference is an incredible time of inspiration, impartation, and encounter with God, as we come together for an opportunity to hear and learn from powerful prophetic voices in the Church.


At the 2016 Prophetic Destiny Conference prophet James Goll spoke about the “west coast rumble” coming to southern California, specifically to San Diego. He prophecied that this would be an outpouring of the Spirit which would spread up the west coast of California and eventually impact the nation with the presence, power, and love of God. Later that month, Jerame Nelson hosted a conference in San Diego, during which he felt from the Lord to prolong the nightly meetings because of the great level of hunger, faith, and unity taking place. Almost one year later, in San Diego, the evening meetings are still going on! James’ word about the love of God and the resulting revival was not only accurate; it prepared the Body to receive and to partake in the outpouring in San Diego.

@jamesgoll prophesying and singing today at the Prophetic Destiny conference! #ihavedestiny

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A Historic Season


The latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former, says the LORD of hosts. (Haggai 2:9)


I believe that as the Body of Christ, we are in a season of awakening: we are being awakened to a new standard of holiness, purity, love, and power given to us by our heavenly Father. As we seek God, we go from “glory to glory” (2 Corinthians 3:18); God always wants to give us more revelation, more love, and more power through the Holy Spirit.


I believe that as we enter 2017, God has a specific “on time” word for His bride, the Church. We are entering a historic season, in both the Church and the nation, a season of revival and reformation in society. We must remain expectant and ready to receive from the Lord coming into the new year, as we believe God for divine revelation, miracles, and greater faith and power to fulfill the purpose He has for each and every one of us. As Christians, we are called to be movers and shakers, culture reformers, and revivalists, but we must stay hungry for Him and His voice!

Receive a Rhema Word


At the 2017 Prophetic Destiny Conference, we will be gathering with prophets and speakers including myself, Gabe Ahn of HRock Church, Kris Vallotton of Bethel Church, James Goll of Encounters Network, Shawn Bolz from Bolz ministries, Brian Simmons of Stairway Ministries and The Passion Translation, Havilah Cunnington of Moral Revolution, Wesley and Stacey Campbell of Be a Hero, and Misty Edwards of International House of Prayer.


This is an incredible opportunity to hear from some of the most powerful voices in the Body of Christ speak on the season we are in, what God is saying to the Church, and to receive the rhema word from the Lord, both individually and corporately. The Bible says that “faith comes by hearing” (Romans 10:17)—when you hear the word, your faith will be activated to see the impossible. Be inspired, be equipped, and be encouraged to step into new purpose and resolve in this new season.


engage destiny


I would highly encourage all those who can come to Prophetic Destiny Conference to make it out to Pasadena, January 13-16. If you can’t make it, you can still engage with us by watching it live online, for $50 ($35 off of the regularly ticketed price). Pray and prepare your hearts to receive at Prophetic Destiny Conference!

Watch this preview and be inspired by what you can expect at Prophetic Destiny Conference. You can purchase tickets here.


go deeper

Here are some resources by some of the 2017 Prophetic Destiny Conference speakers, that will inspire and equip you to step into your destiny.

  • Translating God is an amazing guide and resource by Shawn Bolz, who has an exceptional gift for hearing the voice of God in prophetic ministry.
  • The Passion Translation’s Letters from Heaven: By the Apostle Paul is a groundbreaking new translation of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and 1 & 2 Timothy, by Brian Simmons.
  • The Reformer’s Pledge is a collection I compiled by influential revivalists and leaders including prophet and friend James Goll, who will be speaking at the Conference.


Ché Ahn and his wife, Sue, are the Founding Pastors of HRock Church in Pasadena, California. Ché serves as the Founder and President of Harvest International Ministry (HIM) and the International Chancellor of Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI). With a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, he has played a key role in many strategic outreaches on local, national and international levels. He has written more than a dozen books and travels extensively throughout the world, bringing apostolic insight with an impartation of renewal, healing and evangelism.