Hebrews 4:12 – “For the word of God is living and active…”

When God spoke at the beginning of creation, His word going forth split light from darkness, water from sky, land from sea. It is amazing to consider that when the Lord speaks, creation happens, life breaks forth and worlds are made. When the Word comes into our heart, creation happens. Our life is changed by His Word. In turn, we should consider how our words touch Him.

Biblically speaking, hearing is connected to doing. When revelation comes through hearing, a response follows. This connection makes sense when we see that the Greek word for “hear” is sometimes translated as “obey.” In God, words and events are connected.

Words have meaning to God. While we may not give much weight or value to the words we speak, I would venture to say that God may not see it the same way. Our words may not create worlds, but they can certainly change the one around us. What we speak matters to God because words matter to Him.

He hears the sincere cry of our heart in prayer. If hearing and doing are connected for God, what happens when I pray? If in Christ all things are made “yes,” let us speak forth our “amen” in faith. Let us pray as though God means it.