Psalm 50:23"He who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors Me;”

It was the duty of the Levites to stand every morning and evening and give thanks to God, sending out the words of gratitude to God. The Hebrew word used for the activity of the Levites meant “to throw or cast.” Each morning and evening they would come and cast their praise before the Lord.

We see this activity of worship in the fourth chapter of Revelation. The elders that surround the throne of God cast their crowns and worship God as a continual act of praise, worship and honor. The very gifts of glory that God has bestowed upon them, they return in worship and recognition of the love and greatness of the One who gave them. They are compelled by the spirit welling up within them to cast every gift and praise to Him who is worthy above all.

Thanksgiving is a choice. Our thanks offerings are not required. God prizes these gifts from us, not because He needs them but because He understands and values the heart that gives them. As Jesus freely gave Himself for us, He is moved when we act just like Him, giving a sacrifice of praise from a grateful heart.

In all circumstances give thanks. Give honor to the One who is worthy of all glory and honor and praise. Let this season of Thanksgiving be never-ending, on earth as it is in heaven.