“And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.” – Revelation 12:11

Recently I stood by and listened as many who had overcome difficult and shaming activities shared how Jesus had met them, received them and healed them from these sins and wounds. It was not easy for them to share. Many were nervous, but one by one, they took their turn. I listened. I was encouraged, humbled and so proud of what they were doing. They spoke with transparency, offering a view of their past brokenness and current journey. Only the devil was shamed that day. The blood of the Lamb had made the sinner clean, and restored the wounded. Their testimony was breaking the bondage of shame.

Shame is such an oppressive bondage. It keeps us hidden and disconnected. It is the power of satan to keep us from the things we need most, connection and acceptance. Shame is a prison, and the enemy uses it as a weapon to enslave and entrap champions.

When we give our life to Christ and begin that journey of transformation, much of our past behavior stops or changes. We release the emptiness of past sins, receive healing where we’ve been wounded and learn to see the immense value that Jesus sees in us. As our hearts are healed and our behaviors changed we leave our past behind and rarely speak about the things that were done in darkness. We don’t consider that there is still a hold that the enemy keeps on us. He tries to hold us in a prison of shame.

We’ve been invited to live in the Light. This penetrating life of transparency seeks to expose any remaining stronghold that would bind us as champions in Christ. In sharing our testimony of salvation and freedom, we unlock these shackles from our heart. What we bring into the light by our testimony becomes disempowered to hold us.  What once bound us now becomes the platform from which we shout the praises of Christ.


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What a powerful and transformative gift Christ gives to us.  What once held us in prison now becomes a key to let out other prisoners, those trapped and enslaved by the same shame that once held us captive. The blood of the Lamb freed us; the power of that testimony frees others as well as us.

Glory to God, and to the Lamb whose blood has set us free! Your testimony of Jesus is a continuing power of freedom for you and for others. That is kingdom multiplication as its best!

Gwen Gibson serves as the Pastor for the HOPE CENTER—the place at HRock where we encourage and offer hope for those struggling through the tough places of life. It is her joy to help others discover the freedom they long for and know how much they are loved by God.